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Ultimate Europe 26 Days

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Duration: 26 Days
Scale: 1 - 40 people
From: London
Tour size: 40
To: London
Categories: Europe
Transportations: Bus
Welcome to your 26 day tour of Europe we call it the Ultimate Europe tour as over the next 26 days you are going to see Europes most popular cities, landmarks and destinations!

Tour Details

Welcome to your 26 day tour of Europe we call it the Ultimate Europe tour as over the next 26 days you are going to see Europes most popular cities, landmarks and destinations!

Why this Trip

Discover a selection of 15 vibrant countries in comfort on the ultimate European tour. You will have 26 days to enjoy the diverse cultures, cuisines and famous attractions of Europe from the comfort of a luxury coach, while our expert tour leader guides the way to hidden gems as well as to popular destinations. Bring your sense of adventure and plenty of batteries for your camera, as this is one trip you will want to remember forever. This is the ultimate Europe trip for people who want to really get to know Europe in a fun and exciting way. The great thing about this tour is that you will have plenty of free time to explore destinations on your own, or with the friends that you make along the way. The Ultimate Europe Tour allows travellers time to explore European cities such as Bruges, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague and Vienna. Among the other highlights is visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa and enjoying a perfume making demonstration while visiting the picturesque French Riviera. Simply hop on board the coach and get ready for the European adventure of a lifetime.


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Welcome to your 26 day tour of Europe we call it the Ultimate Europe tour as over the next 26 days you are going to see Europes most popular cities, landmarks and destinations! Waving goodbye to London, we cross the English Channel and drive through France, then stop off in the Venice of the North Bruges. The Belgian city is a small but picturesque city, with breathtaking medieval architecture. Onwards to the Netherlands, you will notice the landscape change to windmills and waterways, as you approach the city of Amsterdam. Once everyone is checked into the hotel, we’ll hop back on the coach and head into the city centre. Your Kaia Safaris tour leader will take you on an orientation tour of the city centre, followed by an optional walking tour of the Red Light District. Afterwards, you are free to hit the cafes, bars and coffee shops!Along with the famous canals and medieval architecture, Bruges is a chocolate hotspot! Head to Katelijnestraat in the south of Bruges (your tour leader can point you in the right direction), where you will find many chocolate shops.

The morning begins with an entertaining demonstration, on how traditional Dutch clogs are made (by hand), followed by a lesson in local cheese making. There is time to pop some clogs on, and taste the cheesy treats. Your next stop for the day is to the historical windmill village of Zaanse Schans, where you will discover how they were vital to industrial development to the Netherlands. This is a great chance to get some fabulous photos! A visit to the quaint seaside village of Volendam allows you to stretch your legs, wander the main street filled with cafes and local nick-nacks and admire the sprawling views. We’ll then head back into the centre of the city and enjoy a cruise of the iconic canals with an included lunch. Your afternoon is free to spend as you wish; there are numerous museums and art galleries to choose from – why not visit Anne Franks house, the Van Gough museum, take a bicycle tour or simply wander the streets and canals.The Dutch tradition of making cheese stretches all the way back to the Roman times. At the cheese making demonstration you will have the opportunity to try typical Dutch varieties, such as Gouda, Edam, Maasdammer (a nutty cheese with large holes), Boerenkaas (raw milk cheese), goat’s cheese, smoked cheese and Frisian clove cheese (made with cumin and cloves).

Today you continue your Europe tour into Germany. The city of Berlin has a positive energy, which bursts in every direction. There is an eclectic mix of different music styles and street art – a stark opposite of the lifestyle, which was reflected in times when the city was divided into East and West during the Cold War. Although there are constant reminders of the oppression suffered by the German people who were contained within the walls of the city, the modern day version is practically the opposite of this. If you have time before dinner, take a short wander to the river and check out the highly decorated, Berlin Wall. Tomorrow you will have plenty of time to explore the historical aspects of the city, but for now…kick your heels up and relish in the freedom of the night! The bars and clubs are calling your name!Enjoy a traditional German dinner, including sausages (chicken or pork) with sauerkraut or mashed potatoes. A vegetarian option is also available.

Today, you will be introduced to Berlin on a locally guided walking tour of the city – visiting such poignant locations as the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, the Site of Hitlers Former Bunker, Luftwaffe HQ, 17th June Street, The Berlin Wall, The Former SS Headquarters, and Checkpoint Charlie. Visitors to Berlin are fascinated with the history surrounding the division of the city in to East and West, and significant locations which featured in news bulletins and TV footage of the day. After the walking tour you’ll have the rest of the day free to explore the city.

Its time to farewell Berlin, and Czech out Prague but not before stopping at the German city of Dresden. Virtually rebuilt from the ground up after bombing attacks in WW2 destroyed the city centre, Dresden is immaculate and stylish. The grand buildings are no reflection on the pain they suffered during the bombings, and it is a credit that this city has been so lovingly put back together. Try some of the local German food – such as Bratwurst, and have a wander around the beautifully paved streets.Heading east to the Czech Republic, it is time to get excited about what lays ahead – Prague is an unforgettable city! The historic centre was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992, and your locally guided walking tour will introduce you to many locations, which you will want to explore in more depth on your free day tomorrow. Prague has a vibrant nightlife and a stunning aspect which equally rivals its daytime beauty. Watch the lights dance across the river as you cross the Charles Bridge, and marvel at the castles lit against the night sky.Enjoy traditional Czech food, including sausage rolls, roast beef or pork and apple strudel (vegetarian options available).

Treat yourself to the fairytale magic of Prague – often aptly described as the “Jewel in the Crown” of central Europe. This ancient city has an essence which combines youthful inquisitiveness and old world wisdom. Highlights of the day might include the majestic Prague Castle, the famous Charles Bridge (you need to also see the views from the bridge at night – simply stunning…), the Old Town and the Jewish Quarter. There is also a Secret Garden which leads to a manmade grotto – see if you can find it! Prague’s dramatic history is reflected in the beauty of the architecture of churches, opera houses, concert halls and parks. There are numerous beer halls in which to sample a local brew, and for those who wish to put your stamp on the city, why not visit legendary Lennon wall – a tribute to John Lennon and words of peace, which is added to on a daily basis by the thousands of visitors to the city.

Today you will continue your tour of Eastern Europe towards the Slovakian capital of Bratislava. Located on the Danube River, the city is a melting pot of numerous nationalities and religions, and so explains the very relaxed and down to earth nature of its residents. After your Bratislava breather, you are all set for the Austrian city of Vienna – boasting some of Europes most impressive architecture, and a cultural heritage steeped in glorious flamboyance and style. Home to Sigmund Freud, the Vienna boys choir, a clutch of the worlds most celebrated composers (…try Mozart, Beethoven & Brahms), the United Nations, OPEC and Weiner Scnitzel, the city centre has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001. Take a glance at the famous Schonbrunn Palace as you approach Vienna, and once you have arrived, explore the centre on your guided walking tour of the city. Taking in the Golden Mile, Imperial Castle and St Stephens Cathedral, allow the history to wash over you and marvel at Viennas significance in modern and ancient history.Why not try Schnitzel? – boneless meat, thinned with a meat tenderizer, coated with flour, beaten eggs and breadcrumbs, and then fried. Similar to the French dish escalope, it is typically made from chicken, beef, turkey or pork.

Vienna to Venice – no less than 3 countries today! Take your last look at Austria as you head for Slovenia, and the the pint-size city of Ljubljana. A local guide will escort you on a walking tour of this fairytale city, pointing out the numerous bridges and brilliantly preserved baroque, Gothic and medieval architecture. Take in the stunning scenery as you head south, crossing the border into Italy. And then…Welcome to Venice! This unique city, straddles 118 islands, and known for its canals, gondolas, Venetian masks, piazzas, art, traditional glass and lace making. On arrival, your tour leader will escort you on an orientation walking tour of the city, so you can use your free time in the early evening to explore properly. Get your cameras ready for the world famous St Marks Square, Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge, and more! The whole of Venice is marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which indicates the level historical significance this city carries. The evening is yours to enjoy authentic Italian delights, with hundreds of fantastic local restaurants and bars to choose from.Visit a “gostilna” restaurant, a traditional place to enjoy good food and wine in good company. Often serving dishes prepared to old recipes using local ingredients.

The day is yours to explore! The best way to discover Venice is just to get lost in the streets, piazzas and alleyways. The day time brings with it opportunity to experience the artistic side of Venice. Handmade Venetian masks adorn the windows of the local gift shops, along with lace and stunning glass creations – Want to see how they make them? Head to the islands of Murano and Burano for demonstrations of how these traditional art forms are still made today. St Marks Square is incredible during the day, and a water tour of the Grand Canal is a must do – especially for those wanting those classic Venetian photos! If it is a warm day, why not head for a dip with the locals at the ever popular Lido Beach? There are hundreds of little cafs alongside the canals, offering a unique view of the waterways and a variety of food and wine options. (The pizza is particularly good here!) So if you prefer to sit back and watch the world go by, then Venice is the perfect place for you. Once the sun starts to sink, the piazzas fill with hundreds of people, looking to relax at the end of their day.

Continuing on the Italian leg of your Europe tour, the vibe of Venice will suddenly be substituted by the richness of Rome! After a picturesque drive through the Italian countryside, the Italian capital looms, buzzing with activity, tradition, passion, and an energy of its own. A local Roman guide will introduce you to the locations, which make this city so beloved and famous, on an evening walking tour of the city. The Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Roman Forum and the Coliseum…just for starters! Whilst at the Trevi Fountain, toss a coin over your shoulder; legend has it, that you will return to Rome again one day. On the way back to our accommodation for the evening, you can start to plan what to do with your free days.Typically based on seasonal ingredients prepared in a simple way, with lots of vegetables (peas, artichokes and beans), meat (lamb and goat) and cheeses (Pecorino romano and ricotta).

Today is a free day for you to experience Rome’s ancient history, exquisite culture and delicious food. The Colosseum is spectacular, offering an unbelievable feeling of drifting backwards in time, to when gladiators, chariots and lions dominated the arena. Your tour leader can organise a tour of the Colosseum and Roman Forum with a local guide. Later this afternoon you’ll also have the opportunity to visit the Vatican City – the smallest country in the world! Inside the walls, you can visit the Sistine Chapel and see for yourself the famous ceiling painted by Michelangelo, as well as numerous other famous art pieces dotted around the buildings.

Another free day in the capital to explore as you wish. This is your opportunity to either catch up on what you have missed, head off on a day trip to somewhere like Pompeii, or simply enjoy a chance to catch your breath and take in the atmosphere of the city. The Italians believe in taking it easy, so why not chill out at a trattoria with some tasty morsels, a cold beverage and some good conversation. This is also the perfect opportunity to explore the city away from the large crowds. Research some favorite local hangouts, or maybe visit the catacombs for something different.

Today we head straight to the heart of the picturesque Tuscan region, made famous for wine, great food, art, architecture and the birthplace of Renaissance. Your first stop is the romantic city of Florence, where your local Italian guide cant wait to show you around. The Duomo, Piazza della Signoria, Ponte Vecchio and Santa Croce Basilica all feature in this guided tour, as well as many other works of art – the street sculptures are amazing! Time to wind down and give yourself a break from the buzz and noise of the big cities – tonight you will head to your accommodation in the beautiful Tuscan hills, where the soft afternoon light which radiates across the land and everyone looks good in a selfie at this time of day – is it any wonder this region attracts and inspires so many famous artists? After checking in to your accommodation in the ancient spa town of Montecatini Terme, you can enjoy the optional Tuscan dinner before embarking on an evening stroll to relax the mind and explore the town…Lampredotto is a Florence street food, consisting of the fourth stomach of the cow cooked in a broth and then served with salsa verde or/and spicy sauce.

Before saying ‘bonjour’ to France you will spend some time visiting one of the most iconic landmarks of Italy – the Leaning Tower of Pisa! A UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the neighboring cathedral, cemetery and baptistery, this 56m, 840 year old Bell tower draws millions of visitors from all over the globe, namely for one thing…To have their picture taken pretending to push the tower back up! So get creative, get into position – these snaps are always the most memorable. After a scenic drive through the last of the Italian countryside, you cross the border into France. Bonjour to the French Riviera! Having made it to the south of France, you will see one of the most picturesque strips of coast in the world, where the ocean laps the shore, and its holiday season all year around.Bouillabaisse is the in thing to try – a traditional fish stew originating from Marseille.

Today, you can do whatever your heart desires! As the saying goes It is always nice in Nice – so now is your chance to find out why. One thing is for sure though – this is the playground for the rich and famous. Keep your eyes open for celebrities and stars whilst you are enjoying the sights yourself!Today we offer an optional excursion to visit Monaco (which is also a principality, and the 2nd smallest and most densely populated country in the world!) If you choose to come with us, you will be taken on a scenic coastal drive from Nice in the late afternoon, and have the rest of the day to explore. The city offers stunning views over an enormous private harbour, where super yachts and ships come to rest. The Grand Casino is particularly spectacular, and the castle district offers beautifully preserved architecture and views of the coast and city.

As you depart Nice and get back on the road headed for Barcelona, you will make a stop in the UNESCO Heritage Site of Arles, famous for its historical buildings and links to such artists as Van Gough (many of his paintings were inspired by this city). Dont forget to check out the colourful houses and Roman Amphitheatre on this comfort stop. Once you arrive in Barcelona you will get acquainted with it’s vibrant energy with a city coach tour. Keep your eyes open for the famous Sagrada Familia cathedral, and any of Gaudis spectacular examples of eclectic architecture. Then there is the lively La Ramblas – a pedestrian walk way which is full of market stalls, cafes, restaurants, street entertainers and just brimming with life. The city comes alive at night, so after dinner, head back into the heart of the action for some music and atmosphere.Tapas – Spanish finger food, consisting of small plates of delicious hot & cold appetizers.

Today is all yours to do with as you please! The best views of the city can be had from Park Guell, and you can take in the panoramic splendour and skyline of Barcelona. The park itself offers a very interesting design which is a product of Anton Gaudis challenging architectural visualisations. Barcelona is home to many of Gaudis building designs and you could spend the whole day simply locating each one. One of his most famous works is that of the unfinished Sagrada Familia – an interpretation of a Gothic cathedral which is unlike any building you will have ever seen. You cant miss it from Park Guell, or most other vantage points in the city. Harbour tours, La Ramblas, the Old Town, museums, art galleries and some of Europes best shopping – there is much to do in this incredible city. If you wish to participate in our optional excursion, we can organise tickets for you to see a traditional Flamenco show! The dance of passion is performed with style, flair and energy, and is a real experience not to be missed.

Hola! You have another free day in the Spanish city of Barcelona! Today you can make this your own, by continuing to explore the historical and cultural centres, indulge in some high end shopping and retail therapy, and much more. Football fans can use the extra day to visit Barcelona FCs stadium – Camp Nou (there may even be a game on whilst you are here), Why not take advantage of the beaches and hit the shores! Ocean tours depart from the harbour and take you for a cruise up the coast to give you a unique perspective of the city. Barcelona is full of things to do, so there is no excuse not to get out and make the most of things. Fiesta, not siesta!

Adios, Barcelona! You have been wonderful! Heading back into France, continue through the French countryside, and get up close and personal, with a 2000 year old Roman Built aqua duct, at Pont du Gard. Walking along it, you will notice that there are no nails, cement or mortar holding the arches together. The Pont du Gard has been an attraction for centuries, primarily based on its immaculate three tiered construction, which carried over 44 million gallons of water a day to the local townships. A very important historical site, UNESCO have included it in their heritage listing – and rightly so.Your final stop of the day will be in Avignon – also known affectionately as The City of Popes. It is an amazingly preserved, fortified city commune with a long history, stunning architecture and religious significance. Another UNESCO Heritage Site and you will see many more during your tour. Enjoy an orientation walking tour of Avignon, which will show you the Papal Palace as well as other significant structures, and after dinner, your evening is free to explore as you wish.

Today you will head to Geneva – home of the United Nations and Red Cross headquarters, and then onto the spectacular Swiss Alpine region to fill your lungs with the freshest mountain air. After departing Avignon, we leave France behind in search of mountains and snow. On the way, we make a lunch stop in Geneva where you can wander the small city centre and marvel at Lake Geneva. There is also an old town to explore, and some great shopping to be had. Now you are mountain bound, and heading into the heart of the famous Jungfrau Region. We take you on a stunning mountain drive through the Swiss Alps as we meander our way through rugged mountain faces, forests and Alpine lakes. Once in your mountain village, you can check in and then relax with a sunset view of the mountain peaks, and the cows grazing who are responsible for the wonderful milk that makes Swiss chocolate so amazing. After a hearty dinner, feel free to stroll the streets and breathe in that crisp, fresh air. Tomorrow will be a real highlight of your Europe tour.

Are you excited? Today is all about Swiss bliss! We have an optional excursion to blow your mind and offers a guaranteed snow day! For 365 days of the year, Jungfraujoch is blessed with snow, and today you can visit the Top of Europe. The journey up the mountain is a highlight in itself, with unmatched views, which will really make your Europe tour unforgettable. You will alight onto Europes highest railway station, and be able to view the 4000m glaciers from unobscured viewing platforms. The majestic combination of ice, snow, rock and epic views will stay with you for life – time to take a deep breath and have some fun!. A snowball fight is a must, and for those artistic types, a snowman building competition. Snow angel anyone? Dont forget those cameras…swiss cheeeese! Alternatively, for those choosing to spend their free day exploring a local village, why not head to Interlaken, a short train ride away, and try a traditional fondue, pick up some Swiss souvenirs, or just enjoy a wander through the streets?

So long, Switzerland. A lunch stop is scheduled for Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein, and you will have time to eat, shop and see Vaduz Castle (the official residence of the Prince of Liechtenstein) overlooking the city. We then travel on to Munich, visiting Germanys first ever concentration camp on the way; Dachau, opened in 1933. The museum houses photos and documents of the camps history from 1933 until it was liberated in 1945, and all displays are represented in an educational, honest way, and provide a truly educational experience for those who know little about this darker time in Germanys modern history. We then arrive in Munich! Enjoy a guided walking tour of the city before dinner. Every year Munich plays host to one of the most famous beer festivals in the world from September to October – Oktoberfest! And you will get a taste of this as you experience a traditional German beer hall. Enjoy a local beer on us…Prost!Tonight you will enjoy dinner in a traditional beerhall. Dishes include typical German favorites, such as sausages with sauerkraut, chicken with potato salad, and potato dumplings with sauerkraut (vegetarian option).

This morning we board the coach once more as we make for Germanys famous Rhine Valley! Relax on board a Rhine riverboat as we head to our hotel in the heart of the Rhine Valley. This is the most concentrated stretch of castles in all of Europe, and it also features vineyards, charming medieval towns and lofty cliffs. Learn the story of the castles, many of which are now in ruins since the river barons left long ago. Once the cruise is over we’ll visit a local wine merchants for an included wine tasting – if the harvest has been good, you may even get to try eiswein (ice wine), a very sweet dessert wine that is produced in very small quantities as it can only be harvested when the temperature drops below freezing.

Its time to leave the Rhine… but there is no sign of slowing down – there is still so much to see! Heading back towards the French border on the way to Paris, you will make a short stop in one of Europes smallest countries – Luxembourg. Known as a global financial and banking centre, during your stop you may wish to view the spectacular Renaissance architecture of the Grand Ducal Palace or have an early lunch in Luxembourgs central square, Place dArmes, with its numerous cafes and restaurants. Onwards to the capital of France, Paris! We’ll take you on a driving tour of the French capital; get your cameras ready – youll be seeing some of the citys most treasured landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe! After the driving tour we’ll enjoy dinner at a restaurant in the Latin Quarter, an eclectic, bohemian and historic neighbourhood. We’ll then travel back to the hotel on Paris’ world famous metro system, ready to explore the city further on our free day tomorrow!

Bonjour! Time for some French Couture, to make Paris the perfect fit for you. A Seine River cruise to the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, perhaps? Maybe a visit to the Louvre to see famous artworks and paintings, (make sure you get there ahead of the crowds and check for free admission days). Montmartre favours those who savour flavour, in offering quaint, Parisian style alfresco restaurants and cafes, with a beautiful view of the city, just behind the Sacre Coeur. Tickle the taste buds with some traditional French delicacies in the bohemian Spanish Quarter (affordable frogs legs and snails are on the menu, washed down with a nice local wine – divine!) Not forgetting, Paris Disneyland is always popular choice for the young at heart! Alternatively, stroll the streets as the locals do, checking out the bookstalls, cafes, fromageries and perfumeries. Ask your Expat Explore tour leader for advice on where to start, as there are so many options to fit into one day. Enjoy the City of Lights and Love.

The last day of you European tour already? Dont worry. Its not over yet. After breakfast, savour the French countryside, one last time and prepare for your final crossing of the English Channel. Once you are back on UK soil you only have a short way to go to complete your Europe tour. This part of your journey is a great opportunity to swap contact details with all of your new found Kaia Safaris travel companions, and tag each other in all of your photos before you arrive into London. We cant wait for you to share your favorite snaps on our Facebook page, so we can see what were the highlights of your 26-day Ultimate Europe experience! We hope you had the time of your life.


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